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Gateway Bluetooth – Ethernet

IOT Gateway automatically transfers data from IOT Bluetooth Low Energy to the secure IOT Cloud or any other IoT platform. Gateways are used to build remote monitoring systems and works with all types of IOT sensors. The IOT Gateway is equipped with built-in memory which buffers the sensor data. The device can be setup in minutes with a free mobile application.

  • The IOT Gateway stores 500,000 measurements in its memory. If the connection to IOT Cloud is lost, it will send the measurements right after re-establishing it
  • IOT Gateway communicates with sensors wirelessly over Bluetooth Low Energy. The maximum distance between Gateway and sensor is 100 m in the open space and 20 – 30 m in the buildings
  • IOT Gateway can be integrated with any cloud platform or software that supports HTTP protocol (REST architecture)
  • Configuration of the IOT Gateway can be done with a mobile application over Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Can be powered up with 5 V (USB) or PoE (802.3 af). Thanks to Ethernet (PoE) power supply, you don’t have to worry about additional cables.


Key Features

Progressive-IOT Cloud

Together with Progressive-IOT Cloud, the sensors enable constant monitoring, alerting about exceeding safe limits, generating reports and analyzes.

Long battery life

Loggers have been designed to work for up to 5 years on battery. You can forget about changing the battery frequently or troublesome battery charging.

Lower costs

Choosing wireless sensors and a cloud platform reduces the installation and maintenance costs.

Wide range of sensors

Progressive-IOT sensors can measure various physical and chemical values. If you decide on one sensor today, you can expand your sensors fleet to another types anytime you want.


Standard communication protocols allow integration with any cloud platform  or mobile application.

Easy set up

All you need to set up a logger is a smartphone with a free mobile application. The whole configuration takes no more than 15 minutes.