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Bluetooth Low Energy wireless sensors

Progressive-IoT Bluetooth Low Energy sensors measure various values and wirelessly send the data to smartphones or, through Progressive-IoT Gateways, to Progressive-IoT Cloud. Wireless loggers are equipped with large built in memory, and battery which ensures long maintenance free operation.



Data from Progressive-IoT Bluetooth Low Energy sensors can be read by smartphone with free mobile application or Progressive-IoT Gateway. Depending on the use case (online monitoring or data logging), you will find a solution that suits you



Large capacity battery ensures five years of maintenance free operation. Progressive-IoT Bluetooth Low Energy sensors use standard batteries, which can be replaced by the user



Communication between Progressive-IoT sensors and mobile applications or Progressive-IoT Cloud can be encrypted (AES128), so only the authorized devices can get the measurements



Sensor’s range is 100 meters in open space and 30 meters in buildings



Progressive-IoT BLE sensor stores 60 000 measurements in its memory. This allows you to keep the measurements from a few months in device’s memory and read it in a convenient moment. Moreover, if your sensor lost the connection with Progressive-IoT Gateway for a while, after re-establishing it, it will send the missing data


The system consists of Progressive-IoT wireless sensors measuring various physical or chemical values and send the data to Progressive-IoT Cloud platform.

The platform is the „brain” of the entire system: it stores the data, takes decisions about sending SMS / e-mail notifications, and generates measurement reports.

Access to the platform is possible from anywhere in the World. All you need is a computer, smartphone or tablet with a free mobile application.
Use of Progressive-IoT Cloud is free of subscription fees.

Wireless sensors that work with any platform

Taking measurements is just the beginning. IoT solutions must have a backend platform which analyses them. Progressive-IoT wireless sensors can work out of the box with Progressive-IoT Cloud and two mobile applications. On top of that, you can easily integrate them with your own mobile applications or with any Bluetooth Low Energy compatible device.


Progressive-IoT CLOUD

Progressive-IoT Cloud is a powerful cloud based platform that allows you to collect and visualize data from Progressive-IoT sensors, no matter if you have only a few or hundreds of them. Progressive-IoT Cloud allows you to display the data on a map, as a table or on a chart, send SMS and email notifications and generate PDF / CSV reports with the data. On top of that, there is a mobile application that allows you to get access to all platform features with your smartphone or tablet. Learn more about Progressive-IoT Cloud.


Progressive-IoT TRANSPORT

Progressive-IoT Transport is a solution for monitoring of the temperature of goods during transportation. Progressive-IoT sensors send the data to a smartphone with a mobile application which allows drivers to constantly monitor the temperature and generate reports from deliveries. Progressive-IoT Transport can be integrated with Transport Management Systems. Learn more about Progressive-IoT Transport.



Progressive-IoT Bluetooth Low energy sensors can be integrated with any BLE enabled device. To make the integration easy, we can provide you with the BLE communication documentation or Android SDK which will speed up the development process. Moreover, you can integrate Progressive-IoT Gateway directly to your cloud solution and receive the data over well known and widely supported REST.


Progressive-IoT INSPECTOR

Progressive-IoT Inspector is a solution dedicated to small clinics. It is used to constantly monitor the temperature of medical refrigerators, generate reports and send SMS / email notifications when the safe range is exceeded. Learn more about Progressive-IoT Inspector.

Wide range of measured values

Let us know what you want to measure and we will provide you with a sensor. Each Progressive-IoT wireless sensor (Bluetooth Low Energy and LTE-M / NB-IoT) can measure up to three values. Pick the values you want or check the list of ready made sensors that we have on stock. Do you need to measure something which is not on the list? Contact us and we will check if we can provide you with a sensor to measure it.

Progressive-IoT sensors offer very high accuracy of the measured values. If you wish, at an additional fee, we can provide you with a calibration certificate issued by a certified laboratory. Learn more about the calibration service.





Pulse counters

Soil Moisture



Quickly deploy hundreds of sensors

We know that deploying thousands of IoT devices may be frustrating and time-consuming. That’s why we designed Progressive-IoT wireless sensors and Gateway in a way to make the deployment proces as easy as possible.



Sensors are mounted on the wall with a double side adhesive tape with acrylic glue. It takes seconds to install a single device and the tape which is included with the sensor sticks to any surface. If you don’t want to stick it with a tape, you can simply use screws to mount it on the wall.



Connect Progressive-IoT Gateway to your network and configure it with a mobile application over Bluetooth Low Energy. Once it’s configured, all the sensors in its range will automatically show up on your Progressive-IoT Cloud account



Progressive-IoT sensors communicate with Progressive-IoT Gateway wirelessly and all configuration can be done with a mobile application. Forget about connecting wires or configuring sensors with you laptop.

Secure over the air updates and device management

Deploying IoT devices is only the first step. We are aware of that and have developed mechanisms that allow us to remotely update the firmware of Progressive-IoT Gateways and change their configuration.



Progressive-IoT Gateways firmware can be remotely updated. The whole communication between the server and the devices during the update process is encrypted and both parties have to authenticate with their unique keys. This ensures the security of the whole updated process. The Sensor’s firmware can be updated over Bluetooth Low Energy interface.



We know that when you deploy a large number of IoT devices remote device management is a must. The whole management of your wireless sensors and gateways is done from Progressive-IoT Cloud.

Meet the lineup





Temperature Humidity Air-pressure Sensor Progressive IOT Hub Bluetooth Lan

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Radio frequency: 2,4 GHz

Power: 2,5 mW (4 dBm)

Range: up to 100 m (LOS)

Transmission frequency: 1 s

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Radio frequency: 2,4 GHz

Power: 2,5 mW (4 dBm)

Range: up to 100 m (LOS)

Etherent: IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, RJ45 socket

Power AA, 3.6V battery, 2700 mAh (replaceable)
Battery lifetime up to 5 years
MiniUSB 230V AC, 5V DC / 1.0 A
Power over Ethernet (PoE) 802.3af (802.3at Type 1)
Measured values

Each sensor can have up to three slots

Each slot can measure: temperature (internal sensor or probe), humidity (internal sensor or probe), air pressure, differential pressure, soil moisture, VOC, open/close, pulse counter, leakage


Measurement interval

Configurable by user

Measurement interval: 1 minute – 10 days


60 000 measurements

If there is no connection between sensor and Progressive-IoT Gateway, device will send the missing measurements automatically. Logger’s memory can be also read with a free mobile application. Once the memory is full, the oldest measurements are replaced with the new ones

500 000 measurements

If there is no network connection, device buffers the measurements from all the sensors and transfer them to the platform once the connection is re-established. Once the memory is full, the oldest measurements are replaced with the new ones

Communication protocols
Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth Low Energy (communication with sensors)

TCP/IP, HTTP / HTTPS, REST (JSON) (communication with server)

Connection settings

Automatically sends the data to nearby devices

Communication can be encrypted (AES128)

BLE: automatically detects all nearby sensors

LAN: DHCP, Proxy

Connection settings

Automatically sends the data to nearby devices

Communication can be encrypted (AES128)

BLE: automatically detects all nearby sensors

LAN: DHCP, Proxy

All information about sensor status is accessible with mobile application (over BLE) or through Progressive-IoT Cloud

All information about sensor status is accessible with mobile application (over BLE) or though web panel

Device is equipped with LEDs indicating its operating status


Enclosure material: ABS

Size: 27 x 71 x 71 mm, 100 g

Probes length (for sensor with probes only): by default 1 meter, other lengths are available on request

Operating range: -35°C to +70°C

Mounting: velcro (included), double side adhesive tape with acrylic glue or 2 x M3 screws

Enclosure material: ABS

Size: 110 x 80 x 25 mm

Weight: 95 g

Operating range: 0… 40°C, 10… 90% RH Indoor use only

Mounting: tabletop or 2 x M3 screws

Certifications CE, RoHS CE, RoHS
2 years 2 years